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TDI / TWIA WP-8 Inspection

TDI / TWIA WP-8 Inspection

TDI / TWIA WP-8 Inspection

You need to build to the correct codes and install to the manufacturer specs to satisfy the  Texas Dept of Insurance and TWIA requirements to obtain your WPI-8.  We work with your contractor to build it right and confirm with appropriate inspections.  Francis "Frank" Kleinschrodt is a State Appointed Qualified Inspector

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Windstorm Engineering

TDI / TWIA WP-8 Inspection

TDI / TWIA WP-8 Inspection

Whether you need a City Building Permit or detailed engineering for a remodel or new construction, we've got you covered.  Frank Kleinschrodt is a Registered Texas Professional Engineer with 40 years experience in Engineering Construction and Engineering Technology

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TDI / TWIA WP-8 Inspection


Located in the Historical East End of Galveston Island, we work the designated high risk counties from Beaumont to Corpus Christi

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